Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carman's Corner

My, oh my, oh my! I do believe most of Arvada was enjoying the annual kite show on Saturday, April 5th which we mentioned in the first Carman’s Corner. While most of my expectations were met, I’m so sorry to report that I thought lots of handicapped parking would be possible. What there was, quickly filled up. The day was marvelous with colorful kites stepping into and out of the skies. There was free popcorn, gifts galore, dogs and people. We saw quite a few others with disabilities. If that was you, I hope you enjoyed the color, too!

For something really colorful, if enough of us are interested, Arvada Art Center would entertain the idea of starting a wheelchair dancing class in the fall. The class would explore the joy of wheelchair dancing with instructor Teri Westerman. Teri has been dancing in a chair for over 30 years focusing on square dancing and ballroom. If you are interested, please call The Arvada Center at (720) 898-7200 and ask for the Education Director requesting the class. If enough of us call they would consider holding it again. Then later, after we have learned a move of two, wouldn’t it be fun to have our own dance at Capabilities?

Happy Trails…. Carman

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