Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ask Doctor Marion...and Capabilities!

You might recall that we met an extraordinary woman a while ago, Doctor Marion, a geriatric care manager who has committed her life to helping families care for aging relatives. We wrote about Doctor Marion's bus tour and her visit to Capabilities. Well, a lot has happened since then. Doctor Marion has completed two more bus tours across the U.S., visiting families, senior centers, churches, assisted living residences, libraries and a host of other places where people gather. She has brought her message of caregiving, providing ideas and a listening ear.

We are delighted that Doctor Marion chose to visit us recently with her camera crew to film us and Capabilities. We are definitely on her "favorites" list as a unique place for seniors and their families. Because we have gathered one of the largest collections of products for independence, Doctor Marion chose us to collaborate with her in the creation of a documentary about caregiving. We also helped her put together some training films that will appear on our website and hers, helping everyday people figure out how to make their way through home modifications, the use of traditional (and not so traditional) medical equipment. and tips for working with your parents or other aging relatives to come to agreements about care and safety. We spent a weekend at our flagship location in Westminster, CO reviewing, filming and interviewing some of our customers, like Exie, our 92 year old example of the "glass half full" type of person. Stay tuned as we bring details of the finished videos your way in 2009.

By way of thanking and honoring caregivers, Capabilities is offering a complimentary copy of Doctor Marion's, Elder Care Made Easier, with your purchase of $100 of caregiving products. Just use (or tell us in person when shopping in our physical stores) the code word CAREGIVING and we will give (or send) you a copy of the book. Her easy to follow steps take some of the mystery out of caregiving.

We are honored to share this partnership with Doctor Marion. You can visit her website at for more information about her and her great work across the country.

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