Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Featured Product: Melissa & Doug Toys, A Special Capabilities Collection

Toys, you say? You might not expect to find toys at a store you have come to know as the "go to" place for solutions to your mobility challenges and other health related products. But, we have had toys and other products suitable for younger folks from the day we opened our doors. This holiday season we are expanding our reach into the world of children a bit more powerfully with a collection of Melissa & Doug toys. We have a couple of reasons for adding them to the mix right now. Of course, we are always looking to add more for regular customers; and, we do we have a faithful following of families with children with disabilities, including those with developmental disabilities. Toys are essential for children's development, regardless of abilities. Certain types of toys are critical as part of the overall path for the development of kids' with disabilities. Melissa & Doug toys are a favorite of many parents. These toys are made of wood, for the most part, an increasingly important aspect for the environment, and wonderful for easy handling and manipulation. Melissa & Doug create toys that often involve overt learning, focusing on the alphabet, numbers, sounds, textures or shapes. Additionally, these toys leave a lot of room for the imagination, giving space to the child to create his or her own play with the toys. The folks at Melissa & Doug took time asking us questions about our business and the types of toys that might best fit our store, choosing a special collection for us.
We also felt that adding a bigger selection of toys would be a great convenience for the many grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors who shop with us. How handy it would be, we mused, to pick up a suitable holiday gift for your grandchild while getting some of your own needs met!
Take a peek at our collection online or visit our flagship store while in the Denver metro area. Let us know if this convenience works for you. And, if you are a parent, relative, friend or teacher of a child with special needs, tell us about your favorite toys and tools for kids. We are always happy to take a look at products you have found to be successful.

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