Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ankle Sprains and Other Uses for Bubble Wrap

In case you missed it, bubble wrap celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this week. While there are endless uses for bubble wrap, including the delightful popping thing nearly everyone loves to do, there are yet to be discovered uses, especially in the health and caring realm.

It happened only twice at Capabilities, the store I owned and operated for a number of years. But it happened. One day a young man arrived, limping. When I looked down, I noted a large compress of bubble wrap around his ankle. He had twisted it earlier in the day at a college event and could not tend to it. So, next best thing. Bubble wrap! He said it actually felt great. I wondered why he would want to change anything, but we considered some of the ankle braces and supports we sold. He tried on three different types before he found one that felt as good as the bubble wrap.

Two years later, an older woman arrived with bubble wrap on her arm around the elbow. She had taken a big fall. Scrambling around her house for something to make the pain go away, she dunked it first in the sink full of cold water. Then, inspiration! She had just received a package from her sister many states away, a vase wrapped safely in bubble wrap. Well, if it worked for that lovely vase her sister, it might just help cushion her elbow. And so it was! She walked out of the store with the bubble wrap intact, unable to find anything that felt quite as comfortable.

So, celebrate as you will the invention of this incredible creation! And keep thinking of uses, since it will last forever…even after the bubbles are popped. Check out more.

What other ideas do you have for bubble wrap for? Please share your ideas. And, what else have you done for sprains, just to stay on topic?

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