Monday, October 22, 2007

EasyPivot Patient Lift

If you are a caregiver for someone who cannot stand or pivot from one place to another, you know how difficult it is. It is literally backbreaking work, not to mention extremely uncomfortable and sometimes painful for the individual under your care. In hospitals or other medical facilities, there are often three people or more who lift and move patients. This is just not possible when someone goes home to continue rehabilitation. Thankfully with transfer boards and the array of lifting mechanisms now available to everyone, not just health care professionals, moving individuals from place to place is more possible. However, for some the use of a traditional transfer board or sling still does not create the right conditions.

In 1973, Joel Lerich, a mechanical engineer, had a life-changing car accident, leaving him a quadriplegic. Joel did master most daily tasks again after months of rehabilitation, except transferring from place to place. But, he never felt stable or safe in a traditional patient lift sling or on a transfer board. He was acutely aware, too, of the impact on his wife who was his primary caregiver. So with his mechanical engineering mind, Joel created the EasyPivot, a streamlined machine designed for safe, efficient transfers. With this machine neither the size, strength or agility of the caregiver or patient are a factor.

The EasyPivot pulls the individual forward into a leaning position instead of suspending the person from the back with the use of a sling. With a variety of models to suit any number of individuals and their lifestyles, the EasyPivot is a great solution for the single caregiver situation. At our New Product Showcase event many of our testers tried this incredible machine, in some cases agreeing to be the “patient” and in others the “caregiver.” While trying anything new for the first time is sometimes unsettling, it was great to see the curiosity and the willingness to truly test these products. See Kristy, a product tester, and Ed Kalin, the Rand-Scot representative using the EasyPivot below.

Take a closer look at the EasyPivot here or stop by Capabilities for a demo.

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Anonymous said...

I researched this device on-line, watched the videos, and tried the easy pivot with my mom who is paraplegic (5'10''/ 210 lbs). This device is fantastic...far superior to the traditional hoyer-style lifts. It's so easy to use and I can seat her far enough back into the wheelchiar, office chair, commode, bed with's a real back-saver!! I'm a Registered Nurse and have used many transfer devices...this one is great for in-home use (we do have hardwood floors which I imagine would make it easier than I've heard it can be on carpeted floors). Highly recommend!!