Sunday, October 21, 2007

Featured Product: The Colorado Cycle by Rand-Scot

We mentioned our wonderful New Products Showcase a few weeks ago. We continue to reap the benefits of that event as we take the suggestions of our product testers and gather more feedback from customers every day. We’ve had the Colorado Cycle on our showroom floor for a few weeks and it has captured some attention. Al DeGraff, a C-5/6 quadriplegic, developed the first Saratoga Cycle in 1987. He says this invention helped keep him alive, ensuring movement and activity at a time when the array of rehabilitation was still in its infancy. The company, Rand-Scot, has gone on to enhance the product, make several models based on need, and has introduced other products designed to help those with disabilities.

The Colorado Cycle is a bi-directional hand cycle ideal for home use. It sits on a table and allows for adjustable levels of tension depending on the user. You put the pulse sensor on your earlobe to track cardio levels, and off you go. Well, figuratively. It’s a stationary cycle, of course. Their sturdy steel welded table that adjusts in height to fit wheelchairs and body types is sold separately. Stop by our showroom to see this marvelous tool. We can help you decide if it’s the right tool for you. It’s great for cross-training or doing moderate to heavy aerobics. You control the tension, so it’s great for those just trying to get a program started, too. It tracks distance, time, sped, calories and pulse. What we and our product testers like especially is that there is a wide variety of handgrips available to accommodate various disabilities, allowing you to be comfortable. Let’s face it, we are usually more motivated to stick with an exercise regimen when it is comfortable for us and works with who we are! You can exercise from a wheelchair or a straight-backed chair. It is also the lowest price cycle in the Rand-Scot collection. Take a look at this product here or stop by the store for a demo.

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