Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stairlift To Heaven…Or To Your Second Floor, At Least!

I can’t tell you how many customers lately have come into the store and been taken with our working stairlift display. It catches their eye, and then captures their imagination as they do a test run up the flight of stairs we had specially built. Whether for themselves or someone they know, the response is always one of amazement. And when they hear the price of a standard stairlift installed, they are even more amazed. The fact that for many situations the basic cost, including installation, is just under $3000 seems surprising.

As stairs get more and more difficult to maneuver, many people just stop going upstairs or downstairs. Their homes shrink around them. Others make plans to move to a home with just one level, to an apartment or retirement community. Suggesting a stairlift is like that revelation of yore, “I could have had a V-8!” I love watching people as they learn about things like stairlifts, as they begin imaging themselves or Aunt Betty or Grandpa moving around again, going to their favorite places in the house, living fully in their own homes. It is especially satisfying to watch the caregivers, too, imagine sleeping through the night not worrying whether mom will fall down the stairs while stubbornly denying she is not as steady as she used to be.

Slight modifications to the home makes it safe and fun again. You can see our working stairlift display at our flagship store in metro Denver. Please contact us for more information whether or not you are in the Denver metro area. We can answer your questions and offer you a referral of a specialist in your location. See our special Leap Year special on stairlifts currently underway.

If you have a stairlift or knows someone who does, tell us more about that experience here.

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