Saturday, June 28, 2008

Light Up Your Life

This year’s New Product Showcase held in early June brought some terrific products to the attention of our customers. You can read more about that particular event in an earlier blog. Pam and I have mulling over many of the products and suspect we will adopt quite a few of them over the course of the next few months.

With the help of our customer-product testers, we made a decision about the Indoor Sunshine light bulbs we featured that evening. We have already had some customers grab onto this bulb, an economical way to get full spectrum light into your homes. Research shows that full spectrum light, the same kind of light provided by nature with the sun, offers the same health benefits as spending a bit of time in sunshine without some of the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. We have a special interest in this bulb because of all the customers we serve who experience low vision. Lighting is one of the most important tools when challenged by conditions that affect vision. While there are many types of lighting solutions, many are fairly expensive. This bulb gives folks options while testing just how much a full daylight solution will help them use magnifiers more effectively and feel better besides.

If you are in the metro Denver area, stop by and see the light. If you’re not in town, but are curious about these lights, try one out. We think you will see just what a difference a little light can make.

See product details and make your purchase in Our Products.

We welcome Indoor Sunshine to our impressive line up of products designed to help Capabilities fulfill our mission to provide relevant and appropriate solutions to your life’s challenges, both big and small, and staying comfortable along the way!

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