Monday, June 30, 2008

What to Wear?

We wrote recently in this blog about some of the challenges people have getting dressed. Not only do certain physical injuries and disabilities affect dexterity and range of motion, but the natural aging process also brings weakness and more limited flexibility to many. There is another big challenge in this area, finding a broad enough selection of accessible clothing.

You can find options, especially on the internet, but we find them quite limited in style and design, not to mention price. Transforming everyday clothing into accessible clothing is not all that difficult for someone unafraid to wield a needle and thread. For most of us, though, life has enough to-do lists and adding this one presents one more obstacle for caregivers and individuals with physical challenges.

Janska Clothing is a wonderful addition to our line up because of its ease of use, style and choice of color and sizing. You can see a sample of this terrific clothing here and a full selection at our flagship store. We also have a collection of clothing protectors for adults and children that provide a dignified alternative to bibs while eating. And we just added a big selection of slipper socks and other easy to wear footwear to ensure both comfort and safety while moving around your home.

Just this past week we discovered another Colorado-based clothing company dedicated to helping people with physical disabilities and their caregivers. The clothes, inspired by a care-focused family of physicians, nurses and business people, use snaps, not your every day snaps mind you, but larger, spring loaded snaps. They smartly have color coded them so you won’t end up with a mismatch and look goofy! Pam has already done a bit of a road show with some samples of the clothes to see how our customers and colleagues respond. The feedback has been very favorable, so we are going to carry the line, beginning with a few sizes. You can see some photos here. We will offer them in Our Products shortly. In the meantime, if you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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