Monday, July 14, 2008

Cooking at Capabilities

A few weeks ago we hosted a most interesting group, Young Stroke Survivors, sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Stroke Association (RMSA). The group is comprised of folks in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have survived stroke. While a stroke is a huge life changing event, groups like this are inspiring because they focus on engaging in everyday life to its fullest. They pick themes to work on and they have been focused on cooking lately.

They came on a field trip to Capabilities to see the wide variety of tools that exist for folks with disabilities. They were especially focused on cooking tools that they could easily maneuver with the use of one hand. Because our showroom features a kitchen, the tour had all the feel of real life. While the group was wowed by the adjustable cabinets and stove top that we have on display, most of them felt they did not need to remodel their kitchens just yet. They were fascinated by the array of tools that have been adapted for use by people with disabilities. The three things they all put on their lists were:

  • one handed cutting board
  • combined spatula-tongs
  • talking cooking thermometer.

We are looking forward to the next visit when these folks bring some of the goodies they’ve cooked using their new tools! Thanks to RMSA for the incredible work they do providing therapies, support and encouragement to stroke survivors and their families. We are honored to be affiliated with this group and to host the weekly physical therapy and aphasia support groups at Capabilities. For more information, please contact or call 303-730-8800.

Are you part of a group that explores new and different ways to do everyday things for people with disabilities? Please post your comments to tell us about your favorite tools for cooking, gardening and other things. Please also consider a field trip to Capabilities as a group. If you contact us ahead of time about your visit, not only will we do some research to augment our already large collection of most aids for everyday living, but we’ll also provide some refreshments and a small raffle prize giveaway.

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