Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Traveling

"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." You might recognize that quotation from Robert Louis Stevenson of Treasure Island fame. As I prepare for a small relaxing jaunt to the mountains this week, I have been thinking about traveling and how it fuels, for so many, a sense of adventure and excitement. In our business we also hear about the challenges for many as they to integrate traveling in their lives with a disability of some kind. We learn a lot from our customers and we think we have helped quite a few think about how to travel more comfortably.

The most consistent lesson is to plan ahead, learned generally by those who have not and have suffered. While many of us love to be spontaneous, it sometimes creates havoc in your life if you have not figured out just what you need and how you can get it BEFORE you start your journey. For example, one of our customers who has MS came in six weeks before her trip to Europe to figure out what type of mobility equipment she should plan on bringing with her. She typically uses only a cane around town, but she knew that with the long hours of visiting museums and cathedrals, she would most likely need something she could sit in. She tried out dozens of wheelchairs and walkers with seat, selecting finally a lightweight transport chair that her husband would push when she got too tired to walk. In fact, they rented it from us as a way to see if it would fulfill their longer term needs for travel in the future.

Another family put together a cool travel packet for their mom who was off to Africa for a spring adventure. She is hearty and healthy, but in her 70s, so the family wanted her to be prepared. They picked out the following collection of things, some utilitarian, others fanciful, all easy to pack. Mom loved the package and said she used everything. She was also the envy of some of her traveling companions!
Joe and Angie stopped by the other day to look for things to get the house ready for Joe’s mother who was coming from Georgia for a visit this summer. She would be staying a few weeks, so they wanted to be sure the house was accessible for her. They were looking for a few affordable solutions for her comfort and safety. They decided on a raised toilet seat that they can then easily remove when she leaves, a Bed Cane to have on the bed to be sure she has a classy and easy way to get in and out of bed on her own, and some Soapy Soles, a fun and handy foot scrubber that attaches to the bottom of the shower with suction cups. Joe also liked the Sling Seat Cane that his mom can rely on as a cane if she needs to, but, more importantly, can flip open as a convenient seat if she gets tired walking around seeing the sites.

As I get ready to go the short distance to Keystone later this week, I am packing up a few things myself. I love my Postura ThermoFoam Pillow, so that will come along. The Book Light, Dycem Jar Opener, and Juzo Silver Sole Athletic Socks don’t take up too much room and will ensure that I can do some of my favorite things while I’m away!

Where are you going this summer? Send us your ideas here. Email us photos if you are using any of our products while on vacation and we’ll post them on our site in the weeks to come. We love that Or, if you have found a great product you think we should carry, send us a quick note and a photo or reference if you have it.

Happy Travels from all of us at Capabilities!

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