Monday, September 8, 2008

Capabilities Makes Louise's Day!

We write a lot about how amazing it is for us to be part of so many people’s lives, helping families solve very real problems every day. Having a business with such a big purpose keeps all of us focused on what is important. Occasionally, we come upon situations where the need is great and the resources available to an individual or an organization are few. We had such an opportunity come our way recently when the good people at Bessie’s Hope asked our help. Bessie’s Hope is a not-for-profit organization in the Denver metro area that brings community participation into nursing homes through volunteer programs. Each year, several thousand volunteers and several thousand elders are impacted by this life-transforming work. In addition to the elders, these programs are especially beneficial to "at-risk" youth. They told us about Louise who lives in a local assisted living community who has had trouble getting out and about. Because she needs to be in a wheelchair all of the time now, her caregiver was having increasing difficulty managing her manual wheelchair. We suggested a transport chair and after hearing more about Louise and her situation, we made the decision to donate the transport wheelchair to make Louise’s life a bit richer.

What a delight for us to meet Louise, her caregivers and the great folks from Bessie’s Hope who showed up on September 5 as Louise tried out her snazzy new transport chair. Check out these smiling faces on that happy day.

As Capabilities continues to grow, we know we will continue to touch so many lives in countless ways. We also know that we will continue to be touched and made better by people like Louise.

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