Monday, September 1, 2008

Final Thoughts on Our Week at the DNC: Day 5

We walked for hours through Denver’s streets last night, amazed to be here, to live here. We happened upon the Weston Hotel just as the motorcade carrying Barack Obama pulled out into the street crowded on its edges with screaming fans and hoards of police. This is the place, we said, where we will watch his speech. Once the motorcade pulled away, the smiling police waved us through. This contingent was glad that their responsibilities went off without a hitch. We sat at the bar with others, some Denverites, many from out of town, and watched history being made.

And now, as we get back to life off the streets, we offer many thanks to David Kennedy, Disabilities Coordinator on the Denver Host Committee. After months of trying to connect with the right people to offer Capabilities’ services during the DNC, David met with us almost as soon as he came on board. He listened to our idea of a mobile wheelchair repair service, which no other Democratic National Convention had offered previously. He supported it and made it happen. We appreciate his focus, sensitivity and accessibility to us throughout the whole process. We heard many compliments about him, his staff and the whole Host Committee during our week on the streets of Denver. Congratulations to them all, congratulations to Denver for a spectacular experience!

Thanks, too, to the many who chose Capabilities as they planned their trips to Denver and when they arrived. We appreciate you and everyone who give us so much reason and purpose everyday. We can’t wait to take our mobile unit on the road again! Stay tuned.

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