Thursday, August 28, 2008

Capabilities Makes a Difference: Day 4 at the DNC

8:00 a.m.
Dave and I comment that we are becoming pros at this mobile set up. We can pop that canopy tent in a few minutes now and get our things arranged in half the time. We are curious about this last day, as everyone begins to focus on the big event at Invesco Field later tonight. I try my best to snag some tickets, putting out more calls and inquiries about availability.

10:30 a.m.
We muse on the week so far, on the people we have met and seen. I am most impressed by how many people we have introduced to some of this equipment. The RollerAid has by far drawn the most interest. This knee walker, designed for those with foot and ankle problems, replaces crutches for most activities. This brand, we believe, is by far the most advanced, providing convenient steering along with a number of basic comfort features, such as a holder for a water bottle! I can’t tell you how many people see it and want to sit on it like a tricycle. We have great fun explaining this amazing piece of equipment. Dave has done a number of demonstrations in the street during this week.

The other big draw is the Nexus walker. As I have written before in my blog, this walker not only is one of the lightest weight walkers available today, its unique design offers portability and stowage unlike any other. Our model is without cables, too, making it an even better bet for older folks, in particular, who often snag the cables as they make their way through sometimes tight spaces. While no one bought one of these on Stout St., we felt great about introducing it to a whole new population.

3:00 p.m.
The crowd thins considerably now at this end of town. Invesco Field opened around 1 p.m. to begin accommodating the tens of thousands scheduled to attend. Dave and I compare some notes again on people watching. We talk about the vet returned from Afghanistan without his legs who came by every day to talk and purchase something. Today he bought his wife some Caren lotion! His views on this political week are intense and passionate. His visit underscores our role in this business as listeners. I am struck again and again about how much more helpful we are at Capabilities when we listen fully. Solutions emerge when you have a bigger picture of the real need. And, we comment that there are many needs we can never fill, of course. I admire Dave’s ability to stay humble as he solves major mobility problems every day.

4:00 p.m.
As we wind down this week on the street in the Capabilities mobile wheelchair repair unit, I see a man in his 40s or so on crutches. One leg has been amputated. He smiles over at us; I point to the electric scooter. “Na,” he says. “I have figured these things out,” looking almost lovingly at his crutches, “and can make some good headway for now.” I had already packed the Capabilities crutch covers away, but I am sure he would not have stopped long enough to look at them.

5:30 p.m.
As we push the last of our products and equipment into the van, Pam and I decide we are going to stay downtown. The energy and excitement of the week culminates this night at Invesco, and even though we did not succeed in getting tickets, we will crowd around some television in a hotel bar to watch the crowds as this amazing week comes to an end.

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