Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Choosing Tubs

Pam and I are pleased to introduce you this week to our Featured Product, the Sanspa Walk-In Tub. We recently decided to add this tub to our collection at Capabilities. We would like to share some of our thinking about this decision.

Some of you know that we have featured walk in tubs since we opened our doors three years ago. We watch for new products all the time and we stay open to bringing different brands on board. A category like this is considered a specialty product. In other words, not everyone is in the market for a walk-in tub the way many might be for some of our other products. For example, nearly everyone can use or will use a bath bench or a pillow or back support of some kind. When it comes to the bathroom, many are reluctant to consider a new tub because all they can imagine is the cost of remodeling.

We always have (at least) three things under consideration as we purchase products for Capabilities:
Is this product relevant in some way to our customers?
Does this product have a price point that we believe is manageable to our customers?
Does this product fit with our overall plan for managing our business?

We know walk-in tubs are the way of the future. So many people are examining all the options for staying at home. Transforming the bathroom is key to this plan.

The cost of updating bathroom is perceived as prohibitive to some. We find that often folks are missing valuable information about how to make their bathrooms safer and more pleasant.

We believe that the costs can be manageable if you make the right decisions. We love this tub because it is practical and beautiful. It fits nearly perfectly in the place of your current tub. So, the much feared muss and fuss of a bathroom makeover are virtually non-existent. We also offer a basic installation fee of $1500 which pretty much covers most situations. Of course, we will do a free in-home assessment to be sure there aren’t some extremely difficult situations to maneuver through that would increase the cost.

So, one big feature for us was finding a tub for which we could quote a basic installation price. We also have the person-power to be sure we can make your experience with buying and installing this tub seamless.

The biggest seller for us on this tub, however, is its look and design. The profile of this tub is a bit bigger than others we have sold. After much feedback from customers, many of whom are Boomers who are looking for a soaker tub that satisfies aesthetics first, we are attracted to this tub for its spaciousness. It measures 51 inches long, 32 inches deep, and 42.5 inches wide (slightly less than a standard tub). With massage jets, comfort armrests and a build in pillow, this tub becomes your own personal spa!

Ultimately, it offers not only a wonderful bathing and soaking experience, but safety in the tub. With an easy access door that swings out, built in grab bars and an ADA standard 17 inch seat, you will feel comfortable and independent as you take your long relaxing bath. This tub holds up to 40 gallons and has a safety thermostatic valve to prevent scalding and comes complete with a handheld shower.

After shopping around, we believe this tub offers many of the features we have heard our customers ask for. And, at $4999, this tub compares more favorably with many of the popular brands found in magazines and touted by TV personalities.

As you plan for your future, think about something that you will also enjoy now. We talk to people every day who are planning ahead, who recognize that pleasures like soaking in a tub disappear all too quickly as age and ability levels change. The bathroom becomes one of the most dangerous places in our homes before we know it.

Stop by and step into our display tub. We’ll give you 5% off one item in our store just for trying it out and finding out more about the Walk-In Tub. If you are not in the Denver area, take a closer look at the tub here. Contact us for more information. If you are anywhere nearby, we can set up an in-home assessment to see if this tub could be right for you or your loved ones.

If you have a favorite product that you think we should carry at Capabilities, please let us know. We are open always to checking out the latest and greatest. We also do quite a bit of research if you have an idea of something you need, but have not found it yet. Email us your ideas or request and we will be in touch.

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