Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kathryn Blogs at the DNC

We are so excited to be part of this historic week in Denver, the site of the Democratic National Convention.  Dave, our service guru, and I will have quite a view of this incredible city and all the goings on next week from our Capabilities Mobile Unit at the SE corner of Stout St. and 16th St. Mall.  You can guess that I am going to write about it.  Check our blog for notes on what we are seeing, people we are meeting, and opportunities for helping visitors and residents alike stay mobile and on the go while they are in town.  

Dave has spent part of the time this week gathering tools, buying a few new ones to take on the road (a portable drill and portable air compressor, for example), and tuning up a few power chairs and scooters to have on site in case folks have underestimated the effects of high altitude and are looking for a rental.  The idea of our fleet zipping around Denver all week makes us smile and feel very proud of our business.

I have been focused on the details.  For example, how can we make two parking spaces feel warm and welcoming?  But we do have a canopy tent to protect us and folks from the heat and rare moments of rain that might happen.  And, chairs.  It’s important to take a moment to sit, especially if you are waiting for us to repair your trusty mobility equipment. Pam has had to stop me from moving a lift chair into the space!  We’ll have some water and snacks, too.  I drove to our assigned parking spaces on Friday to check out the surroundings.  How thrilling to realize that starting Monday we will have the chance to take it all in.  I have spent a lot of time on figuring out what types of products will people really need while they are making their way through the city.  Our staff has some great ideas; so do our customers.  You will find the usual things you might expect from a service designed specifically for this event to repair and service mobility equipment, batteries, bags and related accessories.  We’ve added cushions and seats that anyone can take with them to Convention Center and later on to the Pepsi Center and Investco Field, especially if you are one of the folks in the peanut gallery!  Magnifiers, eyeglass repair kits, oxygen tubing and cannulas.  Don’t miss the seat canes!  You can easily carry this thing while you walk, but when you need to get a load off, just flip it open and relax.  Nice!  

So, stay tuned as Dave and I take Capabilities on the road to downtown Denver.  We’ll even have a city map with us to give directions to our many visitors.  We are ready to do our part to show off Denver and the West during this, at least for us, once in a lifetime experience.

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Jessica said...

Hi! I noticed that you're blogging at the DNC. I was at the e-town DNC show last night - James Taylor, Crosby, Nash, Ani DeFranco, and other artists. so amazing!! I showed your blog to Maria - she says "hello"!