Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Resource for Family Caregivers

Hi, I'm Anne Togher, Founder and President of I appreciate the opportunity to blog here at

You have already read on the Capabilities blog that November is National Family Caregivers Month. For any of you who are caring for, or managing the care for a friend, relative or loved one, you already know about the challenges, the stress, and the toll it can take on your own life. While I appreciate that there is a month designated to recognize the work that you do, I also acknowledge that November will come and go…..and you will still be doing what you do, every day.

I could share lots of statistics about the impact that stress can have on caregivers, I could easily take up an entire blog writing about all the problems, challenges and struggles I have seen caregivers cope with – problems, challenges and struggles I am certain many of you have experienced in your own caregiving journeys. What I believe would be more helpful is to hear about the solutions. What resources are available to support you, to help you find solutions to the unique challenges you are facing, and to help you put your own care first?

I am so pleased to announce the launch of the Toghers website focused exclusively on family caregivers. Our solution will guide both self-care and the care that is being provided by you, the caregiver. Your free membership will entitle you to an Exclusive Caregivers Planning Guide personalized for your unique situation, resources such as articles, care tips and checklists, and soon we will offer an online caregiver community where you can connect with other caregivers in similar situations. You will also be able to purchase online sessions with a Caregiver Coach, Caregiver Plans that guide you through the process of establishing plans in a variety of areas, and a Self-care subscription that helps you set goals around your own care and have reminders that help make this a priority.

We, too, are pleased to collaborate with Capabilities in this effort. As the premier provider of both practical and unique products for caregiving, we are certain you will find satisfaction in both planning your caregiving activities with us and finding products and related services at Capabilities.

I invite you to visit and take the first step to taking care of yourself. Please also tell us about your caregiving experiences.

Anne Togher is the President and Founder of Toghers. After twenty years in the field of elder care, Anne knew that there had to be a better way to support family caregivers. From that realization, Toghers was created.

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