Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Being the Denver Examiner for Mobility Products

As we mentioned last month, selected me to be the Denver Examiner for Mobility Products. After nearly a month, I have a few reflections. On the one hand, I love writing so I appreciate any opportunity to do so. Writing about mobility has become one of the topics I enjoy, of course, because it relates so directly to what I do every day at Capabilities. My knowledge of products and relevant solutions grows every day as I work with the most amazing people as our customers and suppliers.

I like taking a slightly different take on things as I write for the Examiner, a view that steps outside of my role as founder and President of Capabilities. Relating the story of the evolution of a product, perhaps focusing on its inventor, or taking one aspect of a piece of mobility equipment to highlight, such as the joystick and tiller, for example, not only pleases me, but focuses the reader's attention differently and heightens awareness. At least, I hope all this happens for readers.

On the other hand, is a business and like all businesses the motivation for the folks who run that business is to generate readership, measured in website "hits." The Examiner team stay in touch with us examiners, providing tips and ideas to improve not only our writing, but our ability to draw readers. When you go to my home page, for example, you have many options besides reading my articles. You can choose to subscribe to mine and others' articles on a variety of topics, receiving them immediately when we publish. You can also choose me as one of your "favorite" examiners (which I hope you will do!). And, you can advertise on my pages. As you know, internet advertising is nearly outpacing traditional advertising now as a preferred advertising approach. You will see that some big internet companies already appear on my mobility pages through their Google ad buys.

So, as with most things in life, our choices are generally more complex than we think at first blush. I have a great new forum for my writings that I enjoy and use to bring awareness of Capabilities and our expertise, and I have another responsibility to the organizers of that forum to help bring awareness and traffic to their business endeavor. I hope you will take a closer look at, especially my pages.

Let me know what you think and be sure to send me any suggestions or questions you might have that would be informative subjects for my blog or my Examiner articles. Thank you, as always, for your support of Capabilities and for me and Pam.

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