Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tubs Galore

Our Home Safety Day and Tub Fest on June 20 offered education and plenty of ideas for transforming an ordinary home into one safe for elders and others with physical and mental challenges. Many thanks to our partners, JRDSteam, Total Long-Term Care, and Medline for providing product, refreshments, good company and great information to our customers. Our tub distributor, JRDSteam, brought a number of easy-to-access tubs for customers to step into and see for themselves how easy these tubs are to use. Capabilities now has access to 20 different models of tubs. When looking for the right tub for you or a loved one, consider some of these basic features.
  • The door. You can find doors that swing in and those that swing out. This feature is more than just a question of taste. Consider whether the individual might feel trapped while soaking in a tub. If so, you will want a door that swings out, even though s/he should be encouraged to leave the door closed until all the water has drained before opening. Or, perhaps the individual experiences forgetfulness and might mistakenly open the door while soaking. In this case, you would want to get a door that swings in and cannot be opened while filled with water. Doors that swing out generally offer more comfort entering and exiting the tub.
  • Jets. Many models have jets as a standard feature. Whether water or air, jets keep the water moving and, in many cases, offer a therapeutic massaging effect. There are instances, however, where the individual may prefer a tub without jets, especially if s/he has fragile skin and cannot tolerate the pressure of water jets, in particular.
  • Seat. Most easy-to-access tubs offer a seat as a standard feature. Be aware of whether the seat complies with ADA standards, raised at least 17 inches from the ground. The design of some tubs allows for easy transfer from a scooter or wheelchair. Others require a step into the tub, so look for lower heights for those who will be stepping into the tub.
  • Handheld shower. Most models come equipped with a handheld shower. In some cases the design of the tub allows for mounting a shower head so users can stand or sit. Other models do not offer this feature.

Capabilities provides a free in-home evaluation to discuss easy-to-access tubs with you and your family. We also provide installation at a fixed price in most cases. Contact us today to discuss your need for an easy-to-access tub or shower.

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