Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence and More

According to, independence is a word not only about freedom, but about victory and triumph, a successful ending or conquering of a struggle. In our world at Capabilities we meet people everyday who fight for their independence, who conquer the challenges life hands them, who exult in the victories, big and small, that keep them not only alive, but thriving. Our hats off to them and to everyone who stares fear in the eye and does what has to be done. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and families, providing or helping you find the tools that will help you focus on independence.

Speaking of independence, try out the newest product on the market that combines a rolling walker and a transport chair. Medline has just released its Translator, a lightweight combo unit that transforms easily and effortlessly from one piece of mobility equipment to another. Imagine a day at the zoo with your grandchildren. You start out early in the day with your 4-wheeled walker with a seat, stopping here and there to admire the animals and other attractions. Sometime after lunch you feel quite exhausted and ordinarily would have to stay put or go wait in the car, prompting your family to pack up and leave. With the Translator, you can simply flip over the backrest and pull the footrests from the side of the walker and voila! you have a great wheelchair to sit in while your family pushes you. You can enjoy the rest of your time easily.

Come by our showroom for a test drive or take a closer look at this terrific product.
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