Monday, July 13, 2009

StrokeLink: A Resource for Survivors of Stroke and Their Families

We are pleased to connect you to the regular publication of Rocky Mountain Stroke Center called StrokeLink. As you know we are big fans of the services that RMSC offers to those in the metro Denver area. We also offer our Capabilities community room weekly for professionally led physical therapy sessions and the aphasia support group.

In the most recent edition of StrokeLink you will find the latest information about support groups and educational seminars in the metro Denver area as well as information about stroke-related vision issues. Find a list of Behavorial Optometrists who specialize in vision therapy throughout Colorado.

Contact RMSC if you or someone you love is living with stroke. Please consider making a donation to this extraordinary organization. As you might imagine, the economic situation facing everyone is especially challenging for non-profit organizations.

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