Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Featured Product: Golden Comfort Luxury Adjustable Bed

Shopping for beds is always an interesting task. It’s quite a difficult one, too. How on earth do you choose something that you will spend hours a day in just by laying on it in the store? We found the same problem as we hunted for attractive adjustable beds to offer among our array of comfort and practical products. We did the same thing you do. We went to the trade shows featuring beds and threw ourselves upon them…over and over again! I was tempted to spend the night at one of the places we visited.

We chose the Golden Comfort Luxury Adjustable Bed over many in the marketplace for a couple of key reasons. First and foremost, it is one comfy place to lay your weary bones regardless of age, health and circumstance. Golden provides two types of mattresses, including a Visco-foam upgrade that fits the bill for many.

Next we looked for expert craftsmanship. Because anything that has motors in it can be a headache sometimes, we wanted to go with a company we knew and trusted. Golden has been in the furniture business for years. They have combined that expertise to deliver high quality products for everyone, including those with mobility challenges. Available in all sizes, this luxury adjustable bed features independent foot and head operation controlled by a single, low voltage, incredibly silent motor. On some of the models you can get their state-of-the-art dual motor WAVE motion massage system with up to three different wave selections and infinite wave intensity adjustments. We had this one on display for a while and we couldn’t keep the staff off it!

So, we picked this brand because it offers more options, more settings and the most positions all controlled with a hand control that is actually easy to understand and use. More standard features include heavy-duty casters, backboard brackets so you can attach your own headboard, and wood trim skirting.

All in all, this adjustable luxury bed is a perfect fit if you are looking for comfort and practicality, or for a soothing solution to some of life’s annoying challenges. For example, here are just some of the conditions and situations for which an adjustable bed might be a great solution:

• Recovery from just about any type of surgery
• Weakness in legs and hips caused by stroke, MS, Parkinson’s Disease or any other neuron-muscular condition
• Edema, or swelling of the limbs, especially feet and legs
• Breathing conditions such as COPD, emphysema and sleep apnea

If you are in the Denver Metro area, stop by for a test nap! Otherwise, contact us for more information and testimonials from those who are sleeping much more restfully.

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