Monday, July 30, 2007


As a regular reader of our newsletter and blogs, you know that we like to introduce you to new products and to great providers of new services. Our guest blogging feature has allowed us to feature many collaborators whom we know and admire. It has also attracted many new people and services to our attention. We love connecting with folks all over the country who are passionate about finding solutions to life’s challenges.

This week we have the pleasure of introducing you to LynxCare whose mission is to create better medical information and improved communication between patients and doctors. Having recently been through the process of gathering medical records from a variety of the physicians I have seen over the past ten years for the simple purpose of changing insurance companies, I was attracted immediately to LynxCare. Pam and I met with Founder, Sharon Feder, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michael Victoroff to understand more about their product and services. In a nutshell, LynxCare organizes your entire medical record, producing a concise and accurate summary of current concerns and past history. You are in the driver’s seat as you work directly with a doctor and a nurse assigned to you. With your permission they obtain your records (if you have not already done so), review them with you, and organize them in a concise and understandable way. LynxCare also offers an array of consulting services, including research on the best available evidence and treatment options across the country, both in traditional and alternative medicine. So, if you, like most of us, ever have more than one physician involved in your care, if you’ve ever looked to get a second opinion, or if you are caring for a parent, child or other loved one who has multiple medical providers, you can appreciate immediately just how valuable this product and set of services might be.

Ask us to send you a free information packet.

Sharon's blog:

I came to the field of medical advocacy through my experiences as the mother of a child with many overlapping and highly complicated medical diagnoses and as the daughter of one parent with a spinal cord injury and another parent with early and rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s Disease. I had also participated in parent support for families of babies in Neonatal Intensive Care, had been a volunteer emergency medical responder for six years, and had heard many more stories of people experiencing difficulties with the medical “system.”

What became clear to me was that the more often a person receives healthcare, the more frequently they experience difficulties. In part, this is because there was never, in fact, any actual “system” designed to provide healthcare. What we have is a vast array of well-intentioned providers and participants (and even many payors), waking each day, getting on their ponies, and trying to ride their hardest - to do their best - more or less independently of one another.

It took me many years to realize that, in fact, there was no one – anywhere – who could do in-depth personal medical research; arrange a conference between doctors; communicate the necessary details of every recent medical appointment accurately to each successive doctor; to interview and select the experts-expert who would ultimately call the shots on life-and-death and quality of life decisions; to, in fact, make sure that each of the doctors and practitioners were even aware of what the other was doing!!

The challenges and lessons brought on by my parents' deaths (they were both in their 60's) and the ongoing nature of my son's confounding medical diagnoses, led me to develop the Lynxcare method. At its essence, Lynx gives people the knowledge and information they need to access the very best of our healthcare system. The involvement of Dr. Michael Victoroff in Lynxcare, has further improved our services. His many years of highly regarded family practice experience, medical ethics, medical information technology, and knowledge of health insurers bring invaluable resources and substance to our process.

My goal has always been that if my young son were to become unable to walk, or living with the progression of his illness to unending pain, that he would look me in the eye and know I had done everything possible. I want others to have this same confidence, whether they are caring for their children, their parents, spouses, friends, family, or themselves.

Please take a close look at Lynxcare and let us answer your questions.

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