Thursday, August 9, 2007


We are launching a new series to discuss some of the conditions that challenge people regardless of age or ability. We do a lot of research ourselves, as you know by now. We also feature experts and providers on all types of subjects, as well as useful products to help with a variety of situations. As we embark on our analysis of conditions, we are looking for another type of expert. You! As we witness every day at Capabilities, there are thousands of those living with illness, injury and the effects of aging, their own or with those they love. We want to tell your stories, your triumphs, your moments of doubt and even despair.

You can participate several ways. You can always post your comments at the end of a blog, email us your story or the name of someone you would like us to feature, call or visit us if you are in the Denver Metro area. We will keep you anonymous or not, depending on what you prefer. Local media asks us all the time about stories to share. We meet people every day who are heroes in their own ways and who know a thing from an insider’s perspective. You can write about the facts of a condition, about the tools that might help, and the resources you can find in the community to work with you and your family. Only you can tell us what you know. We hope you will join in our conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know if you have anyone with sleep apnea. Sunday I had my second sleep study at Nationa Jewish Research Center. I will get a report in a couple of weeks which might be worth sharing...we'll see.

John Stout

Anonymous said...

I have MS, which presents challenges every day. If I can provide any informtion, I'd be happy to do so.