Thursday, August 30, 2007

Poem Pick

We are ever amazed and (almost) always open to the ideas that come our way. A while back we had some suggestions about adding a place on our website for people to post poems, their own or favorites. The reasoning went something like this. Your website offers all kinds of resources for health, comfort and being unlimited. Poetry is timeless in its ability to transcend the day to day, even while praising it often. Being a writer, and someone who loves poetry, I jumped all over the idea. But since poetry is not our business, we wondered why we might put a poetry corner on our website. Wouldn’t it just be out of place?

Time passed. It’s come up again, and this time we decided to try it out. There is a hidden poet in many of us. And if we don’t dabble at it ourselves, we might enjoy how a good poem makes us feel. If you just plain hate poetry, you might want to tell us about it…in verse. So, here is my poem pick for this week.

This week's poetry pick.

Post yours and mention why you like it so much.

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