Saturday, August 4, 2007


We have the best job in town! Every day we meet people who are looking for solutions to life’s challenges. And while the challenges are not pleasant and many stories are heartbreaking, we love being part of helping people figure out what’s out there to help keep them or their loved ones mobile and as independent as possible. We love, too, that more and more people are thinking about us when they’re looking for some relief for a temporary injury or illness, like a sprained ankle, or raging sunburn. I saw a teenager the other day having a ball roaming around the store trying things out. She spent about 20 minutes on the balance board! Of course, she did it perfectly well, unlike myself, who nearly falls off every time.

We have had a lot of interest lately in lifts for vans and cars. We can help you find which lifts are compatible with your current vehicle as well as which lift is best for your power operated vehicle or power wheelchair. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options out there for lifts.

You might need of something with a low profile and is easy to use for a manual wheelchair when you go shopping or visiting friends. It can be a big nuisance figuring out how to lift that wheelchair into your trunk. Manual wheelchairs can be bulky and awkward to maneuver. You might be tired of trying to stuff it into the back seat. Try the Caddy Wheelchair Carrier or the Hitchhiker (pictured) that attach easily to the back of your car. You fit the wheelchair in the spot designed for the wheels, lock it into place you’re ready to go. No lifting needed. This device keeps it protected, too.

If you have a scooter or power chair, you will want to consider the Silver Boom (pictured). It has a 300 pound lifting capacity and requires very little headroom (about 30 inches). It mounts inside your vehicle (fits most vans and SUVs) and operates with a remote, giving you flexibility and control when taking your power vehicle out into the world. We will help assess the type of fittings you need depending on the scooter or chair you have. We also do installations for those located in the Denver Metro area. As we open other locations, we will also have trained service professionals you can call on. If you are out of state, you can contact us anyway, and we’ll help you find out who is qualified to do the work in your area.

We’ve had a few customers who wanted the comfort and ease of simply driving their scooter or power chair onto a platform and having the whole platform lift into their full size van or minivan. If this sounds like you, check out the Backpacker lift. Its all-steel construction, one-piece platform construction keeps noise and movement to a minimum. It comes with a remote feature which gives you the ultimate in flexibility and control. For one of our customers, Roy (pictured), the combination of a full-sized scooter and the Backpacker made all the difference in getting him back out into the woods doing the things he loves, camping and fishing. He can also use the combination to do his weekly grocery shopping and the occasional splurge at the mall.

We love our work! Seeing the smile on Roy’s face as he drove his scooter onto the lift for the first time and watched it fit snugly into his van. He was on his way to a great vacation!

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