Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Capabilities Is...

If you’re a customer, friend or supporter of Capabilities, you already know that we offer a unique shopping experience for mobility, comfort and independence. Our enormous array of products range from high end mobility equipment to the smallest of aids that help you stay comfortable no matter the situation. You have found, no doubt, that Capabilities is also a treasure trove of unique gift ideas, a place you can poke around for an hour or two and still not see everything.

It’s a place where you can try things out – test drive an electric scooter, relax on a luxurious adjustable bed, imagine your kitchen transformed with cabinets and countertops that rise and lower to meet the needs of everyone in your household. If you’ve ever wondered about a stairlift or a tub lift, come try them out. You’ll find some of the nicest people you’ll ever want to meet on our staff. Not only do they know a lot about all the products, they listen to what is going on with you, what you’re envisioning as a possible solution or gift, what you or someone you love needs to be comfortable or independent.

If you’ve worked with Capabilities, you also know that we are “more than a store,” offering educational events (and some that are just plain fun) as well as links to the community, resources that provide the glue that many families need when temporary or permanent illness or injury change lives forever.

“Discovering Capabilities has made all the difference for my family,” one of our customers told me the other day. A health care professional referred her to us as she faced the difficult choice of placing her mother in an assisted living facility or bringing her home. As she worked with us to figure out what it would take to bring mom home, the choice became clearer for her and less daunting somehow. With our many relationships in the community, we also provided her with numerous options for additional services to help her and her family adjust to the changes and still imagine living their lives while being caregivers.

Capabilities is grateful, too, for you, for letting us be part of your lives as you look for solutions and ideas as you solve problems, face challenges, seek comfort and independence for yourselves or those around you.

As always, we invite your ideas for products, additional services, workshop or seminar topics, and any other idea you might have that would improve your experience at Capabilities or meet your needs more fully. In fact, we are in the midst of updating our web site. We would love your suggestions as we build a more robust shopping experience online. Please email your suggestions and ideas. We’ll put your name into a drawing for a coupon you can use at your leisure.

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