Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Winter's Last Hurrah

There’s a reason they say April is the cruelest month. You know it well. The sun warms things, tiny and glorious flowers peak out, the new green of spring is everywhere, and…eight inches of snow falls on Tuesday, making a mess of your morning commute. Did you cover the flowering bush? And the wind chops at your face while you run into the grocery store.

There is nothing like it, though. Science reinforces that most people report feeling better in spring. Whether it’s the light that final combats seasonal affective disorder which we wrote about last time, or the fact that we spend more time outdoors perhaps getting a bit more exercise than during the winter months, or the signs of new life infusing us with a sense of renewal, there is often just more energy when the days get longer.

I know some folks, though, who hate to see the passing of winter, who thrive on the early darkness, who give themselves permission to stay inside, sipping tea and catching up on their reading. One, in particular, tells me that she makes herself go into her room early in the evening during April, pulling the shades so she can draw out the last bits of winter. She likes it when a surprise storm lands on her day and uses it as an excuse not to go to work. Far from a melancholy type, she warms up any gathering, having figured out how to eek out the best parts of winter. She is joined by the countless others who live for winter sports, especially here in Colorado’s mountains.

So, celebrate winter’s last hurrah! Do your own tea tasting before it’s too hot to enjoy them. Whether you’re the gourmet tea or the herbal tea type, you’ll love it in a steeping mug you can wrap your hands around. Read hands free with the book peeramid poised on your lap. And wrap yourself in some of Janska’s soft Polartec easy-to-wear clothing!

Then, open the shades, put on your light jacket and let winter go. It’s going to be a great spring!

Post your spring rituals here and we’ll write about them next time.

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