Monday, May 19, 2008

Carman’s Corner

Carman Keene writes her blog this week, inspired by spring and its festival of colors, sounds and scents. Carman and her husband, Sam, who lives with MS, get out and about a lot. She writes about their experiences and the many events they attend and ideas they have on events that are accessible. If you have your ideas about upcoming events in the metro Denver area (or anywhere, for that matter, as our newsletter is getting broader and broader distribution), please post a comment with details here. As always, it is a pleasure to introduce you to our friend and supporter, Carman.

Everything is beautiful... Aren’t the colors of lilacs gorgeous this year? Gardeners must be delighted with the feast of color recently at the Botanic Gardens and other greenhouses and nurseries with full displays of gorgeous hanging baskets and flats of blooms.

How is the color in your world? Ours is gold right now as Sam and I prepare for our 50th wedding anniversary. How long have you been with the love of your life? Tell us about some of your favorite colors and times together!

The color in our world wouldn’t be nearly as gorgeous if we hadn’t bought a traveling scooter for our car. It has opened a whole new world for us to get out and enjoy experiences again. If you would like to consider having one, too, why not simply use your Economic Stimulus check. (If you think you haven’t received your check yet it might have been deposited in your checking account if you received money back from your taxes that way.) Capabilities have a terrific deal on a little Go-Go Elite scooter right now. It is usually $1,595 but for a limited time will be $1,295. (You’ll almost have enough with your Economic Stimulus payment if you received the full amount for a spouse: $1,200). They install the car lifts, too. Look at Our Products or soon you’ll be able to shop with them at their online store, currently being revised to feature their whole catalog of products. What are you planning to do with your Economic Stimulus? Post your ideas here.

A traveling scooter for you would be a gift beyond compare, as it was for us. We can now go into any restaurant, stroll through aisles of flowers, or complete our plans for a trip to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. You could come, too. I’ll tell you more about the music, mountains and magic at the Festival next time. Consider buying a scooter and joining us. We are the 50-year married couple with the candy apple red one!

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