Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Colorado Seniors Resource Connections

Colorado SeniorsWe are proud to introduce you to Barb Harmon and Brian Troccoli, Founders of Colorado Seniors Resource Connections, an organization that works with families to match the right services to the needs of aging parents and relatives. If you have not yet had to face the many questions and challenges that confront families as loved ones age, you most likely will have a chance at some point in your life. Finding the ways to balance physical safety and needs with the fierce desire we all have for independence is no easy task. Barb and Brian work with every kind of service provider, personally screening them, allowing only the ones they would entrust their families to into their network. Read more about what motivates Barb and Brian and some of their experiences in their guest blog below. You can post your comments here or at the end of their blog. You can contact Colorado Seniors Resource Connections at 303-380-4300 or navigation4seniors.com.

We, Barbara and Brian, are proud to introduce our company, Colorado Seniors Resource Connection, LLC to you. Colorado Seniors Resource Connection, LLC connects seniors and their families to the many resources available to them to help maintain independence, and continue to live the quality of life they expect and deserve. We have both been involved in serving seniors in the Denver community for many years, and have a sincere and honest passion for them. As we worked within the senior focused healthcare industry, we began to notice that seniors and families were often overwhelmed and confused by the number of resources available, often imagining that there is no one to help them.

When Mary A. called us, she was desperate. She lived out of state, and her mother, here in Colorado, had fallen a couple of times. Fearful that the next fall would cause a hip fracture, Mary decided it was time to help her mom think about how to live as independently as she could AND eliminate the worry Mary had constantly about the falling. Mary could not leave her commitments out of state, and her mother did not want to move from Colorado. Mary called us not sure where to turn and how to get there.

We also see that sometimes seniors and families don’t even know what they need, let alone how to get connected to the services that can best serve those needs. As a result of our experiences with people like Mary and knowledge of what is available, we are able to give personal attention to each senior and family member to guide them through the aging process so they feel empowered and confident. We personally screen each resource within our network to ensure they provide care with the compassion and integrity you expect and deserve. We believe in connecting seniors with only those providers we would allow to care for our own families. You can trust that the providers within our network consist of only those companies we know practice with integrity and a true passion for serving you and your loved one.

“Seniors are our passion and our love, we want to serve you or your family in any way we can. Let us navigate you through the process, we will not steer you wrong. This is our promise to you.” Barb and Brian

All services to seniors and families are ALWAYS free of charge.

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