Sunday, May 4, 2008

Product Testers, Come One, Come All!

If you love checking out the latest gadgets and getting the scoop on what’s coming, AND you love giving your opinion, then you will want to come to Capabilities’ New Product Showcase on June 3, 2008 at 6 pm. to 8 p.m. Pam and I host an event every year where we showcase some of the new products to come our way and ask customers and others to join in for a fun evening of review, including trying out the things and giving us feedback. We also provide refreshments!

At this year’s event you will see a combination of brand new products, just released to market, some that have been around but are new to us at Capabilities, and some invented by locals who are looking for some good testing and feedback as they refine their product before it goes to market.

Last year’s event drew raves from both vendors, inventors and “testers” alike, all interacting, discussing and sharing ideas about solutions for everyday people facing everyday, often challenging, situations.

Please consider being a tester for this entertaining and important event. We value your opinions and take them into account as we make decisions for new lines and products. Please call us at 720-214-0339 or email us with your interest in participating and for more details.

If you are not in the Denver area, but would like to be considered for “long-distance” product testing, please contact us, too. Not only we will be expanding to other national locations over the coming year, but we engage folks everywhere to check things out for us when we can’t see them all. And, if you know of great products that you think we should carry and make available, please let us know. You can also introduce us to inventors and others who are looking for ways to increase awareness of potentially good solutions and products.

You can post any comments you might have about products, testing or other ideas right here. Thanks.

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