Monday, February 1, 2010

Why not health insurance reform?

I'm with the side that asks "why not." President Obama asked the Congress to reconsider and take another look before abandoning the efforts. The list is long with the needs, gaps and costs of reform. Why do we need this, shout the opposition. But, isn't the real question, why not? As we look at the vast numbers of people who are uninsured and who cannot obtain insurance, the question begs to be answered. Why can't we insure them? Why are preconditions deemed uninsurable? How can we have created so many "have nots?" I do not believe there are no answers. Do you? Please do not abandon the debate either. Keep reading and thinking about why we as a country have not wrestled with this issue sufficiently to find solutions, why we continue to put it off, deferring to another time, another generation, another electorate. Or, imagine a time of "post-insurance," perhaps a time when the costs of medical care can be negotiated between the providers and those needing the services as we do with so many other types of commerce. Is it too quaint to remember when a family traded chickens for the birth of a baby? The point is, how did a third party, insurance companies, get in the middle? Why not change? Why not reform? Why not?

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