Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Enneagram

We introduced you to Inga in September when we told you about her foot reflexology sessions. She participated in our second anniversary events by offering free demos. We can attest to just how wonderful that experience was. It turns out Inga has many talents. She is also a certified trainer of the Enneagram of Personality Types, a modern tool with ancient roots, designed to help discover more about the self and others. Inga has written a blog this week to tell you more about the tool and about the five-week class she is offering at Capabilities beginning in January. Please check our Events schedule for details. You can call Inga at 303.423.7903 or email to ask questions or to sign up.

Hello Readers, my name is Inga and I would like to introduce you to your SELF. My workshops are geared toward that. And what is this crazy lady talking about, you may ask? I’m talking about YOU and this crazy mixed up world we live in.

Both as individuals and as a society, we tend to repeat the same unfulfilling patterns over and over again. Scan a history book – or review your own life history as objectively as you can – and you’ll see that this is true. If we just keep making the same mistakes, what’s the point of it all? Why can’t we change our lives so that we experience more joy, more love, and more fulfillment?

In this workshop we will be using the Enneagram System, a very old teaching used and taught both professionally and internationally. This teaching takes you on a journey of self, to find out who you are and how you got there, what issues mentally and emotionally that are connected to each Enneatype.

And because we will also explore the shadow side of ourselves, I will also be teaching you how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that can be used in so many ways we couldn’t count them all…hey, I couldn’t just leave you hanging there! EFT is an amazing tool the works quickly and effectively…you’ll have to find this out.

These classes, five in all, will be giving you so much information that if you haven’t expanded your self-realization by the time we are finished, then I haven’t done my job.
We will have FUN, we will be CHALLENGED and SURPRISED and we will GROW as human beings on this planet we call HOME.

This is an ideal experience for professionals, parents, caregivers, students, or just plain you.
It is my goal and passion to teach and pass this information onto as many people as I can, it changed my life! I would like to live in a happier and more caring world – wouldn’t you?
P.S. There will be a very nice prize for the first person to guess my Enneatype and explain why by the 3rd class... (friends and family excluded!)

Check out the workshop schedule for more information. You can call me at 303.423.7903 or email for more details.

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