Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Featured Product: The Looky

Wait until you see our featured product this week! As you know, we are ever on the search for unique and useful products. This one knocked our socks off. The Looky is a small, electronic handheld magnifier that weighs only seven ounces and can fit in a pocket. You can use it as you would a typical magnifier by popping out the ergonomically designed handle, or you can fold the handle to glide it along the page without interruption.

The image is sharp. You have the choice of positive, negative or color contrasts as you prefer. What we really loved about the Looky is the special freeze function. With just a push of a (big) button you can freeze the text or image on the LCD screen. It’s like taking a photograph. We think it will help a lot when you’re trying to read a label in a store, or can’t quite see the detail on an item on the top shelf. We have a customer who weaves. She wants the Looky to “freeze” a portion of her work to be sure there are no mistakes.

This gem also comes with rechargeable AA batteries with the battery charger.

We just introduced the Looky and have already gotten rave reviews on it. Be sure to put this one on your list if you want to be out and about and need some extra help seeing the details!

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