Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa Is Coming To Town

In fact, Santa has already stopped off at Capabilities. We have lots to choose from as you play Santa for those in your life. You might have noticed our Wish List feature. Here’s a way to tip off your loved ones about what you’d like to have from our huge selection of products for independence, mobility and comfort. We also have a gift registry if you’d prefer to email us, or drop by the store if you are in town and sign up.

It has been so great working with folks this holiday season as they search out that perfect something. Many who are newcomers to Capabilities are delighted to find such a diverse choice of products to choose from. They were expecting some of the traditional tools and aids to help those who are facing a challenge. What they did not expect to find are the games, books, lotions, teas, and unusual gift ideas, like the Book Peeramid, Buddha Board, Scrambles puzzles, Chillow, Hotflash! and so many other ideas. We just love helping people solve challenges, even if it’s the challenge of holiday shopping, which is something we all know about!

It’s a great time to visit our store or shop online. You can use the coupon in our newsletter or on our home page for a discount on most items.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Thank you for shopping at Capabilities and supporting us in so many ways.

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