Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Featured Product: Bed Cane

What a wonder the Bed Cane is! You get all the features of a half bed rail without the bulk of one. This works great for that stubborn relative of yours who insists on getting in and out of bed alone. You know full well how dangerous an act that now is, but you have been unable to convince of the wisdom of a rail or support of some type. The Bed Cane is your solution. Its small profile helps eliminate the idea that it is a "bed rail." And, it is so attractive with its pocket sleeve that can hold all kinds of stuff at the bedside. Additionally, the Bed Cane is great value, especially compared to expensive half or full bed rails and other commonly used supports. Come see one on display at our flagship store if you are in the Denver area, or read more on our website. Buy the Bed Cane for $98.95.

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