Friday, January 9, 2009

Hot Tea Month

Did you see the latest research that suggests that simply holding a warm cup can change your mood, not to mention the healthful effects of drinking the delicious liquids inside that cup. The sensation of warmth makes us feel cozy and comfortable, the study says, causing our brains to produce the special brain chemicals that help create a pleasant mood. In fact, the research suggests generosity as an outcome. The holder of the warm cup not only feels more generous, but perceives others as warmer, more generous. In their article, "Experiencing Physical Warmth Promotes Interpersonal Warmth," Dr. Lawrence E. Williams from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Dr. John A. Bargh from Yale University say that "warmth" is the most powerful aspect of personality essential for social judgment. This links to other studies exploring the effect of warm physical contact with parents and other caregivers. They published their findings in Science 24 October 2008.

Winter is a great time to conduct this experiment yourself. Apparently, it does not matter what type of warm liquid you have in your cup, although we especially enjoy tea. Try some of ours in your own Steepware mug where you can make the perfect cup of tea every time. You'll feel big-hearted!

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