Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's New in This New Year?

Do you feel new? Is the month too old already? Our wish is that you at least feel somewhat renewed at the start of this new year and are ready to jump in to whatever this year holds. Here at Capabilities we are restocking our shelves after the holiday season and our annual process of counting our physical inventory. In spite of the sour economy, we are committed to bringing the types of products, services and information that helps you "be unlimited," as you, loved ones and clients maneuver through life's challenges, regardless of physical ability and condition. We are introducing new products, expanded information on everyday conditions, and additional services. Take a closer look at what's new at Capabilities.

On the product side, be sure to see our expanded collection of bed rails and supports. We have added another brand of easy to use floor to ceiling support poles, giving you a broader array of choice as you make your home safe for aging relatives, or yourself. Eschenbach, our supplier of high quality magnification tools, is combining its long traditon of excellence with Ash Technology, creating a selection of portable video readers to suit people of all ages and abilities with the right tool for the right occasion. And, since January is hot tea month, we are pleased to tell you about the new travel tea basket. No matter where you go, you can now have the simple tools you need to steep your favorite tea. What a perfect companion to our large selection of gourmet and herbal teas!

We have spent additional time training our staff on some of the everyday conditions that challenge so many folks. We have learned more about diabetes and the products we can offer to help manage many symptoms of both Type I and Type II diabetes. Be sure to see our blog with a few new entries on diabetes. Recent training with the experts at the University of Colorado Burn Center prompted us to expand our selection of wound care products, many of which you previously could only find online or with specialty stores.

Our repair division continues to grow as people everywhere are looking to extend the life of their scooter, wheelchair or walker. Have you noticed how few repair services there are? We have a resourceful and expert technician who performs a sound diagnosis and offers affordable repair options. We are available to do service and repair clinics at senior residential communities or facilities, local recreation centers, or other retail locations. We will also introduce a quarterly "clinic" at Capabilities, a time to bring in your old stuff and have it tuned and tweaked to get more mileage from it. As many of you already know, we offer yummy refreshments when you come to our events.

We focus this year on offering our home evaluation services at no charge. If you are planning to move an aging loved one into your home, or if your caregiving responsibilities include caring for someone with a disability in your home, please call us for a no cost evaluation of your home, where our experts highlight potential danger zones, suggest options and alternatives for creating a safe environment, and introduce you to a wide range of potential solutions.

All in all we have quite the year planned. Of course, we cannot do any of it without you, our loyal and supportive customers. We are so grateful for your trust and will continue to do all that we can to ensure high levels of service and integrity.

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