Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something We Need: Have You Seen It?

Our job at Capabilities is to help you find solutions to challenges, mostly physical challenges accompanying temporary or permanent illness or injury, or as the effects of aging find their way into your life. Every so often we get stumped. Not too long ago a suffering mother arrived, still rocked by an accident that left her 20-something year old son without his right arm. He was finishing up some advanced rehabilitation and was now back home. She wept as she told me the story, and worried as she thought about her strong, brave son facing the rest of his life with this challenge. While he wrestled with his emotions and the realities of relearning basic everyday skills using one arm, she talked about his progress, but said that one of the most challenging things is getting dressed. We looked at all kinds of practical tools. The thing he needs, she said, is something that will let him zip up his "cool" jackets. While there are all kinds of zipper pulls, the missing item is the thing that would let him join the ends of the zipper with one hand so he could effectively use a zipper pull. Is there such a thing? I have looked everywhere and found nothing.

Tell us if you know of something. If you are in the inventing spirit, here is an idea waiting for expression. We might be able to help you find the right people to help you get your idea to market. Stay tuned for our New Products Showcase, held usually once a year in summer here at Capabilities. If you have a product you are working on, or one you just love and wish we would consider carrrying it, contact us and we may just feature it and you next.

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