Sunday, May 17, 2009

Featured Product: Nuwati Teas Iced

It is warming up rapidly here in the Rocky Mountain State as it is in so many places. I have great memories of Aunt Emily's iced tea, brewed on the back porch in the sun with plenty of lemons. Aunt Emily used the popular black tea in bags so common to many of us Boomers. I have learned a lot about tea since those delightful and carefree summer days of long ago. And, while I still enjoy a tall glass of regular old iced tea now and again, I especially am fond of iced herbal teas. We have written in this blog of the healing effects of tea, of the many types of tea we carry at Capabilities, of the terrific suppliers we have partnered with to ensure a rich and interesting mix of teas on our shelves. But it is nearly summer again and I am drawn to tell you about a few of my favorite Nuwati tea selections that work especially well over ice.

Cloud Walking Tea: Enjoy this yummy brew when you are feeling especially anxious or worried. Sip it before you wind down at night, or on a Sunday afternoon when you don't have to drive anywhere or mow the lawn. Created from eleven herbs and roots, including catnip (!), a glass or two of this iced tea will calm even the jitteriest among us.

Laughing Coyote Tea: This is one of the newer additions to the Nuwati collection, mixed to ensure a mood enhancing experience. Maybe it's the stevia or rooibos or the incredibly unique combination of over 20 herbs, roots and fruits that makes you happy, but make no doubt, Laughing Coyote Tea makes you happy!

The Healer Tea: This is the most popular of the Nuwati collection. You can use this tea in two ways. Shake the bottle and sniff. Wow! Talk about clearing your sinuses. Then you can make some (hot or iced) to sip on. This combination of herbs not only helps the immune system, but you can use it effectively to combat headaches. Some folks even mix it with favorite foods and drinks. Dr. Pepper?!

Learn more about Nuwati teas or make a purchase.

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