Saturday, May 30, 2009

Featured Product: Tena Protective Underwear for Men

"At last!" I hear some of our customers breathely a sigh of relief. While everyone wrestles with the emotional and physical impact of incontinence, there are some men who fight with their loved ones helping them find solutions. And, to be fair, some of the traditional briefs and protective underwear available, is generic, not providing protection in the "right" places for men. Tena has long been a leader of specialized incontinence products. They introduced Men's Guards a few years ago; that product has become one of our most popular. Shaped specifically to the male anatomy, the guards offer extra protection exactly where it is needed.

And now Tena introduces Protective Underwear for Men which combines a style more suitable to men along with the extra protection of the Men's Guard. Find out more about this great product or purchase now.

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