Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kathryn Arbour Selected as Denver Mobility Products Examiner

Have you seen yet? If you are on the hunt for information on just about any topic, you won't be disappointed on this website. Organized by city, category or topic, the site is fueled by writings from "Examiners," folks who apply as experts in the various fields represented. In my case, I suggested the field of expertise since Examiner had not yet created this category of Mobility Products Examiner. My job is to write about mobility equipment and tools for independent living, areas I know about through our wonderful experiences here at Capabilities. Check out my very first article posted just this week. Please comment and pass around to those who might find the information useful. If there are specific topics you would like to read about or have discovered a "not to miss" product, be sure to contact me. And, if you would like more information about how to become an Examiner yourself, I would be happy to give you the details. Send me a note and some contact information and I'll be in touch.

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