Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Featured Partner: Handyman Matters

We love working with this national franchise firm, headquartered in the Denver metro area. With 121 franchises across the country, Handyman Matters (HM) is a perfect partner for us. As we sell products that make a home safe and comfortable in every state, we have a national partner we can rely on for installations. This is an organization that values craftsmanship and recognizes the privilege of being invited into your home. They have an eye toward design so their work matches your needs and wants. As we share ideas about aging at home, for example, Handyman Matters craftspeople are also valuable consultants to you and your family, helping you determine what kinds of changes will help individuals stay independent and safe. Wherever you live, there is most likely a Handyman Matters operation nearby. Find one near you. And read our blog about our experience presenting at the national Handyman Matters convention last week.

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