Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Manage the Economy: Buy Pre-Owned Products

With our particular window on the world, we have been observing people's shopping habits. Because Capabilities offers many "must have" products, we still see robust activity in this category. However, we have seen more interest over the past few months in pre-owned, or used, products. The universe of used goods requires attention both as a merchant and a shopper. As a merchant, for example, we like to think about the mix of products in general, and specifically with pre-owned products, we spend significant time looking for exactly the "right" thing. Once we determine that the category matches what we believe our customers want, we examine the product closely. How old is it? How old does it look? What shape is it in? How much refurbishing do we have to do? What kind of warranties are still viable from the manufacturer? What kind of guarantees are we able to offer? And is the asking price feasible given our particular business model and goals? What kind of price can we then ask for?

We have another element to consider in our business - safety. When we look to buy pre-owned power wheelchairs, for example, we want to be absolutely sure that the vehicle will perform like new and not present any hazards to the individual. The same goes for reclining lift chairs and adjustable beds.

Right now, we are offering a great deal with this previously owned travel power vehicle, Pride Z-Chair, for $3000. It was owned and operated by an older woman for only 6 months. This chair typically retails for double that amount. Among its many incredible features are a programmable joy stick to ensure a speed that matches ability level, an easy to manage flip footrest, a small profile that turns in its own small footprint giving you easy maneuverability at home and on the road. This chair disassembles easily for travel and has easy to reach battery charging. We are offering a wonderful warranty on this product. It has the absolute seal of Capabilities' approval. Stop by for a test drive if you are in the Denver metro area, or contact us for more details if you live outside our area.

So, we dip our toes into these waters and expect to expand our collection of pre-owned merchandise over these coming months. Contact us if you are in the market for good quality, used mobility products. If you have a high quality product that is slightly used, let us know. We are very picky and cannot make any promises, but we are happy to have some discussion with you to learn more about what you have.

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