Saturday, February 7, 2009

Guest Bloggers: Angela Cody-Rouget and Chanda Hinton

We are delighted to know these incredible women. One of the best parts of owning Capabilities is the opportunity to meet and work with amazing individuals everywhere. Angela Cody-Rouget, a professional organizer, owns Organized 4 Life, LLC. As someone who appreciates a neat desk, I really enjoyed hearing about Angela's experiences working with our friend and supporter, Chanda Hinton, who has written previously in this blog. Chanda does amazing work providing opportunities for those with disabilities to access alternative healing arts. Please be sure to support The Chanda Foundation. In this guest blog, Angela describes her process as she and Chanda try to make Chanda's office more accessible. And Chanda throws in her two cents, too, about how important it was to collaborate with Angela on this project. You can call Angela for a free assessment of your needs for an organized space at 303.991.5478. Please be sure to share your thoughts and reactions to their story of collaboration and organization by posting your comments at the end of their blog.

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