Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Featured Product: Talking Scale

In keeping with our theme of low vision for the month of February, consider talking products. We love this talking scale for three reasons. First of all, the voice is crisp, clear and loud enough to hear while you are standing on the scale. It would defeat the purpose, of course, if you had to bend low to hear it, although some manufacturers have created products with that very flaw. Secondly, accuracy is terrific (to within .2 lbs.). Now, you might not like that if you were hoping to cheat a bit. One of our customers asked if he could program it to tell him the weight he wanted to hear! Thirdly, the voice can be turned off for those in the family who might not need the "talking" part. The display is large and easy to read for those not experiencing low vision.

Take a tour of this product and find out more details for yourself. Purchase it now for yourself or someone you care about.

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