Monday, April 30, 2007

Chanda Hinton

We hope you are enjoying reading the blogs of our guests as much as we are. We are so fortunate to have so many unique and interesting people whose paths we have crossed since the birth of Capabilities. We met Chanda Hinton at our Grand Opening of Capabilities in September 2005. She was the reigning Ms. Wheelchair Colorado at the time. Her warm presence was a wonderful addition to our celebration. And, Flint, her service dog was a great hit, too! A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of attending a fundraising event for The Chanda Plan Foundation. Chanda gathered around her some of the smartest and funniest people in the Denver metro area, including Josh Blue (pictured at right with Chanda and Flint), now a nationally recognized comic. (He won the national comic of the year contest in 2006!) The entertainment was high quality, and so were the caliber of donations for the silent auction. We were touched by the stories of those who are already being helped by The Chanda Plan. When a gun accident at age 9 paralyzed her from the chest down, she could have given up, but that's not in her nature. We are delighted that Chanda agreed to write a blog for us this week.

I founded The Chanda Plan Foundation in February 2005 as my interest in alternative health care grew. In 2003, my spinal cord injury had compromised my health to the degree that my weight had dropped to 59 lbs. I had chronic pain and my immune system had depleted to a dangerous level causing 911 emergency care and numerous doctor visits.

My sister, Crystal, and I decided to take the actions we had been discussing regarding alternative healing treatments. As a yoga instructor, Crystal was connected to many alternative healers. In the following months, I participated in acupuncture, massage therapy, diet, electric stimulation and physical therapy. The results were incredible! I gained 20 lbs. and become almost pain free. More than that, my endurance, strength and movement have increased dramatically.

People with severe injuries and disabilities often have to turn to Medicaid as a primary insurance in order to pay for healthcare and homecare expenses created by a disability. Medicaid will not fund alternative treatments.

I decided to dedicate myself toward having these treatments accessible for others. I created the Chanda Plan Foundation to allow individuals with disabilities to receive alternative treatments through financial assistance, to experience life in good health. It is an exciting journey I am on with others. Watching others find relief from pain and ancillary illness is as incredible an experience as feeling good myself. When you are in good health, fulfilling the things you are passionate about seems limitless.

The Chanda Plan Foundation’s mission is to help people with disabilities enjoy improved quality of life, health and function through the use of complementary alternative treatments. To learn more about the Chanda Plan, please visit: Thank you again, Chanda!

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