Monday, April 23, 2007

Why Do We Have a Conference Room in the Store?

Last week we told you more about our Events and how exciting it is that the calendar keeps filling up with very interesting things. We did not really talk a lot about why we have a conference room in the first place. We get asked this question a lot. And here’s what we tell people who ask.

We always intended to be more than a store. We’ve both already had big careers at big companies and we loved all that. But when we decided to put our heads together and create Capabilities, we imagined being a “go to” place for resources, information and products. Building a big conference space in the store has given us the opportunity to partner with all kinds of interesting people to provide seminars, most of which are free, as well as a venue for meetings and gatherings of all kinds.

You can see from the Events page just how many groups meet there and just how many classes we have. We have plenty of room and time to do more, so be sure to let us know if your group or gathering needs a spot. If you have a good idea for a class, email us with your idea. We’ll always listen and let you know if it fits.

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