Friday, April 20, 2007

Sometimes It’s The Little Things…

We are so lucky to see many people at some of their most genuine moments. While there are plenty of curious shoppers in our store, there are also many who might be at their wit’s end to find something to help themselves or a loved one. Each of us can identify with those times of worry and pain caused by an illness or injury. We feel so honored and trusted by our customers. And we are grateful.

What amazes me nearly every day is how so often it’s the little things that make such a difference. There are three on my mind today that are so simple in their design, yet yield such positive changes when applied to the right situation.

The first is an aid for putting on and taking off shoes and boots. This tool is remarkable. There is a handle long enough to use while standing, and while sitting with the leg extended. That makes it already more versatile than most types of sock aids that are meant to be used while sitting only. The Shoe Boot Valet has an easy to use squeeze mechanism that clamps onto the heel of a shoe making it a snap to pull the shoe on or off. The best part is that there is a band that can also be used to hug the heel of a boot, pulling it off the foot effortlessly. We’ve seen many a happy cowboy as a result! It’s such a simple thing, and yet it makes all the difference to some who just want to kick those shoes off at the end of a long day, but sometimes can’t make the kick.

The Ergo Writer is another one that makes me wish I had invented it. I watched a young woman, paralyzed from birth from the waist down, but suffering more recently from growing paralysis in her hands, find such joy when she realized using this aid would help her write again. The key is the extended plastic grip that wraps around the pen and holds the thumb in place. This determined young woman tried every type of grip she could find, always on the search for something that would work. Imagine my delight when she found it with us!

One of my favorite things is a tool that slips into the universal diamond-shaped hole that exists on the inside frames of cars, vans and most trucks. I’m sure that spot was not created for the Handy-Bar, but those clever folks who noticed it surely created something amazing. You stick this tool in that hole and create a lever to hold onto while getting into or out of a vehicle. It pops out easily and you can fling it on the floor of the back seat until you need it again. I found it a while back as my mother had increasing difficulty lifting herself out of the car. She could hold onto the open door, but had nothing on the other side to grab onto. This thing made all the difference for her. There’s even a bonus with this one. You can also slice the seatbelt and smash the window should you find yourself suddenly in a lake or somewhere else where you need a quick exit.

Post a comment (click on Comments below) to let us know what kinds of things make all the difference for you or someone you care about. We are always on the look out for those little things.

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