Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Have you ever spent time roaming around Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia? It’s great to pop in any old word and see what comes up. And you can edit the description if you like. I was thinking about lotion today as I smoothed some on my hands after doing the dishes.
Here’s the way Wiki defined it:
A lotion is a low- to medium-viscosity medicated or non-medicated topical preparation intended for application to unbroken skin. Most lotions are oil-in-water emulsions but water-in-oil lotions are also formulated. Lotions are usually applied to external skin with bare hands, a clean cloth, cotton wool or gauze.

It almost sounds poetic, doesn’t it? The description went on a bit describing versions of lotions, such as creams, and types of lotions, including those with medications included. I took out my bottle of lotion and looked at the ingredients. The first one listed is aloe extract, then purified water and glycerine. It’s what follows that interested me:
• pomegranate
• horsetail
• green tea
• rosemary
And a host of other natural and intriguing ingredients. What on earth inspires someone to make a lotion?

We work with a very interesting company which has created lotions and scents that caught our fancy when we put together our dream for Capabilities. When we were on the hunt for these comfort products, we sought out not only the lotions that were made with care and a fair amount of nature mixed in, but that had an interesting story as well. Caren & Cie, created by Caren Singer, offers us a wonderful spectrum of choices. Caren herself is behind the product’s creation. She looked for a formula that she liked, that made her feel healthy and beautiful. Her company donates a portion of all sales to fight breast cancer through an endowment she has set up at Georgetown University. We liked that story a lot. And we like the lotion a lot, too. Caren offers interesting fragrances – cucumber, stardust, French vanilla, among others, and a fragrance free option. It’s like silk, we think. We have some samples if you want to come try it out.

It was the Caren signature brand that I was putting on my hands earlier that made me think about lotions, and Wikipedia, and comfort, and why someone might actually take the time to create a lotion. Thank goodness!

What are your thoughts about lotions and creams and all things soothing. Post a comment (below) and let us know what you like.

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